About Us

Simply Hue

Hello there, Be-HUE-tiful!

Defining beauty should always feel like defining yourself! You are beautiful in whatever shape or form you choose for yourself.

Simply HUE is about unfolding the confidence within you. It allows you to see yourself from a different perspective and we believe that everyone should have confidence in themselves regardless of their age, shape, color, gender preference, and status in life.

Here in Simply HUE, we embrace diversity because HUE MATTER!

Simply HUE is headquarted in Lipa/Batangas and was created in 2021 by best of friends who are both passionate on promoting self-love and sharing opportunities by creating products that will help boost and unfold the confidence and beauty of every woman. Simply HUE’s first array of products focuses on body parts which are often neglected but deserve some extra love and care, too!

We often forget to give attention and extra care on these body parts and focuses only on what is usually visible for everyone. And because of fear from judgement from others, we tend to just keep these areas under our garments and eventually lose the confidence of showing the world how beautiful we are. And this is where Simply HUE wanted to help — to turn the table and break out of this self-doubt.    

But being confident should never end there, here in Simply HUE we also wanted you to be financially confident — be your own boss, earn extra and eventually achieve financial freedom. If you are interested, feel free to message us and we are very much excited to welcome you in our family. After all, we all just wanted to be a better version of ourselves — a better HUE!

It was our pleasure meeting you! Have fun looking around, check our products and let us know how we can help you! See HUE! =)